Students hoping to enroll in ‘The Technological World’ to fulfill their quantitative reasoning requirement may want to come up with a plan B: the course met today at 11:35 p.m. in Dunham Lab, and over 200 students packed themselves into the lecture hall, with more crowding outside the entrance. The class is capped at eighty. 394 students have enrolled on the Online Course Selection Web site.

Several course shoppers who arrived before the start of class called up their friends once the classroom began to fill past capacity and advised them not to bother coming to the class; it would be next to impossible to get a spot, they warned.

Victor Henrich, the professor of the class (and the associate master of Trumbull College), said he would choose those lucky 80 through a random drawing. Click here to check out the other most oversubscribed classes at Yale this shopping period.