Both Alpha Delta Pizza (provider of the Wenzels, the legendary sandwiches) and Brick Oven Pizza will close at 1 a.m. “for the next month or so,” the Independent reported. The two pizzerias were asked by Dwight District Manager Lt. Ray Hassett to change their hours in the wake of the Dec. 26 shooting of two men in the neighborhood.

The Independent reported that the shooting and other “violent crimes” in the area led to the decision to have the restaurants close earlier.

Hassett told the Dwight Community Management Team at their meeting this week that the closure “eliminates that as a gathering spot,” the Independent reported. “It’s smart policing.”

Correction: Jan. 11, 2010. This article originally suggested that Wenzels will no longer be available after Alpha Delta’s dining room closes at 1 a.n. In fact, the restaurant will still make deliveries until 3 a.m., meaning Yalies may still enjoy the late-night wonders of Alpha Delta Pizza from the comforts of their dorm rooms, albeit with the added cost of tipping the delivery man.