This e-mail appeared in inboxes yesterday:

‘Twas a night before finals, and all throughout Bass

All the students were cramming, and hoping to pass

The books were all piled on tables with care

With hopes that final papers would soon arrive there.

Procrastinators nestled all snug in their bins

Writing to make up for time-wasting sins,

While George checked their bags, Jeff took a nap,

Student pecked at their laptops, neck deep in crap.

When up in the stacks there arose such a clatter,

Kids looked up from their Facebook to see what was the matter.

Down past the books we flew past with panache

With *wrapped candy* for all on our biannual dash.

Harsh light on the breasts of the revelers shone

as they swept through the shelves like a naked cyclone.

We had earlier gathered at *11.15*,

filled with joy, liquid cheer, and beaucoup caffeine.

We’d brought *bags for our clothes *to the *top of the stacks*.

Then removed shirts, jackets, bras, dresses, and slacks.

The revelers all were so filled up with glee

that they shouted as they ran – “TBIYTB!”

_*Sunday (tomorrow), 11.15 at the top floor of the SML stacks (7M) *_

_*Bring individually wrapped, non-chocolate candies *_

_*Bring a backpack for your clothes *_