2. G E T ~ S E R I O U S

3. For a gas, drop little copies of Sam Tsui’s “The Art of War” hidden in mum and pop’s stocking.

4. Dance all over the floor and your friends … in your jingly red elf shoes.

5. Twitter all the minutiae that happen to you over break (clothes worn, food ingested, number of steps climbed, repressed sexual urges, etc.) between now and spring term.

6. Braille Twitter your holiday mashup on the electric turnatablism.

7. Oh, you brought banana bread? I brought the brio!

8. Seriously guys, take Marxism seriously, but take gift economies more seriously.

9. Turkalurkey with an electric snare // cutter up that symbol

10. Dubstep anthem wobbles its jobbies in your morning mind sterilise that

11. G E T ~ M A S H E D

12. Gurning morning over. Mephedrone Mazz Franklin’s in the spaceship.

13. Wulan up. Watch Mulan with the sis.

14. Bumbaclart classics on the radio // party invitations flood to Facebook.

15. D A R K W E B ~ T I M E

16. Mind gone: it is dark: you are no longer Dec. 25 man.

17. ::::Spaceman you’re a DJ::::

18. Mixalogic in the club.

19. Sublimes.

20. Special treat: mashup Erol Alkan with Mum’s holiday leftovers.