YCouture paired up with Seychelles on Chapel Street Thursday night for a talk and trunk show with up-and-coming designer Aysha Saeed. Her story, while inspirational for many members of Yale’s fashion society, didn’t actually start with fashion. After studying finance at Rutger’s, Saeed cycled through five or six comfortable but unfulfilling jobs before starting fresh as a rookie fashion designer.

You’ve got to ask yourself the “hundred million dollar question,” Saeed told the well-dressed crowd: What would you do if you were given a hundred million dollars? That’s probably what you should be doing with your life. For Saeed, this meant getting jobs with Armani and Dolce&Gabbana before starting her own line.

Aysha Saeed makes pretty dresses for pretty girls. She, in fact, is a pretty girl who knows how to rock the sleek ponytail and sexy-mama office dress. Oh hey girl, hey. You rock those birthing hips. Which is totally appropro for the collection that she summed up in a word: feminine.

6-foot-2 glamazon Julia Cortopassi ’13 was at the event for approximately three minutes before being shanghaied into modeling a mod little black and red number by the event organizers. “It’s really comfortable,” she said.

Julia, you were so right. At the trunk show after Saeed’s speech, we tried on a few of the dresses for ourselves. Most of the dresses are tight fits in yummy, stretchy fabrics, which felt like buttah. Rawr. Totally Catherine Zeta-Jones. Totally not intended for people less hot than Saeed herself.

To sum up:

Erica: The dresses were sexxxy, but I felt supa-short. I knew when I saw them that they’d have a hawt fit; the material and seams were slick and body-hugging and hence completely unforgiving. Luckily, the models, Eliza, and I are all foxy mamas, so this was not a problem.

Eliza: Erica, I’m not taking this off. I’m not.