The latest AEPi hootenanny is happening this Tuesday at 10 p.m., and scene just got our invite. Thank you, AEPi, that was thoughtful of you. And, look! The men of 395 Crown St. were considerate enough to include a map from the corner of Chapel and York to their new, semester-old digs. Only problem is: the landmarks, especially in the Artistic Quarter of campus, are egregiously out of proportion!

Gone is the Yale University Art Gallery! Gone the A&A building! And The Study at Yale, hotelier? Gone as well. Also gone is the News’ Briton Hadden Memorial Building at 202 York St., which we’ll never forgive. But the general outline of Wolf’s Head Secret Society, like an amorous bulge in the trousers of a desirous young upperclassman, is preserved.

I don’t know, guys. What could all this fishy cartography mean? As far as scene could tell, there’s nothing really going on, competition-wise, at any of the missing locations on Tuesday night (except maybe “studying” at “A&A”). Is this a cut-and-dry case of viewing the world through rose-colored glasses? Should YUAG curators and aspiring journalists be offended? Holocaust denier and Iranian “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be right at home with this out-of-touch map.

So if AEPi tries to shut down the YDN or something, everyone hit the streets and Twitter the location of the next protests!