You are intrigued by the futuristic feel of the sound — you feel you’re walking on air — you are traveling worldwide, have no time to stop, you’re always on the move — running through an airport with crazy names on every gate. And always this new, sexy sensation: everywhere you go, lights flash to recall how great you are. Will fame cause you to drift away from yourself? You can’t escape your own thoughts, it’s the only thing that’s for sure.

This song is an imaginary place where Mona Lisa meets Caesar — they could rule the world — notes vaporize late night’s reflections from the sea on the summer house – handclaps sound like white Lamborghini doors that you slam clean and tight — you’re wealthy for sure but you’re definitively trapped — Mona Lisa isn’t coming — Caesar rules Rome in despair — what if what you learned wasn’t taste but clichés?

You don’t know what it is that she got — is it substance or is she vapid — you don’t know — you’re obsessed — you thought you could be great enough to outreach but you’re stuck in this imaginary place where the reflections of the water mirror on your face — the summer breeze reminds you how happy you can be — let’s go back to the afterparty — flashing lights will kill the envy.