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When two Ivy League powerhouses assembled last weekend for their 126th annual football game (ranked the sixth fiercest rivalry in college sports, according to a Web site), Fox Sports was on the scene.

But the tables have now turned, and scene is on the Fox Sports. Powerhouses atop powerhouses.

In an unprecedented feat of journalistic integrity and investigative rigor, Fox Sports managed to strip both Yale and Harvard of any remaining dignity. In order to do so, reporter Bob Oschack spent last weekend at the Harvard-Yale tailgate in New Haven. The result was an aggressively abrasive and at times hilarious Internet-only video titled “Geeks Gone Wild.” Forever exposed is the woeful underbelly of two of America’s favorite universities. Embarrassments abound.

Early in the video, Oschack offers fleeting glimpses of numerous nerdy-but-prominent Yale and Harvard students, such as Yale Precision Marching Band drum major Kate Kraft ’10. But the camera lingers most lovingly over Inar Zhang ’13, whom Oschack brands “ASIAN WITH A SWEDISH NAME GEEK.”

Then, in what could be called the emotional climax of “Geeks Gone Wilds” (2:40), Oschack seeks to determine whether or not Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Jules Terrien ’12, a self-proclaimed Frenchmen, is a geek.

A Socratic line of inquiry is the method of choice:

“You’re French? How do you say toilet in French?” Oschack asks.

“Toilette,” Terrien responds.

“In high school did you ever have your head stuck in the toilette?,” Oschack responds.

The frame freezes, and “FRENCH GEEK!” slams down on Terrien’s frozen face.

The result is devastating.

Public response to the video on the Internet, however, has been mixed. Friends and supporters of Zhang and Terrien reached out over Facebook, some to congratulate, some to sympathize, others to chastise. One student wrote on Zhang’s wall, “the video is too f—ing great”; another prodded, “…youre the star of the show, i just finished watching it.”

At press time, the video had garnered 11 comments and eight “likes” on Terrien’s wall.

Fox Sports is a division of Fox News, which, in turn, is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Murdoch’s second and current wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch, is the chief strategist for MySpace China and a graduate of Yale School of Management, where she serves on the Board of Advisors.