“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” just had the third most successful opening weekend in box office history. Susan Boyle’s debut album “I Dreamed a Dream” accrued the largest pre-sale Amazon.com has ever seen. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? Have pseudo-erotic teen novels and reality TV washed up on YouTube’s shores really become our national tastemakers? This might all seem significantly more preposterous had William Hung not received a $25,000 advance on a record deal soon after shaking his ill-fitted-cargo-khaki-clad ass to his own howl,s in a manner slightly less artful than that of operatic schoolmarm Boyle. As for Twilight, 12-year-old girls and 46-year-old pedophiles have proven themselves a choice market. Perhaps this year’s epic special effects sideshow 2012 could have topped a few more charts with cameos by a pair of fangs and some lanky, pallid necrophiliac?