Bridge Logos, a Christian publishing company, handed out free copies of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species on Cross Campus today — but there’s a catch.

“The books all have a 54-page introduction of creationist bulls— by the renowned dumbass, Ray Comfort,” said Vlad Chituc ’12, the community service co-coordinator of the Secular Student Alliance at Yale.

The red and gold volume contains a special introduction by Comfort, a minister and evangelist from New Zealand. While the body of Darwins’s manifesto itself is untouched, Comfort’s introduction includes passages such as, “After we die we have to face what is called ‘the law of sin and death.’ The law is what is known as ‘The Ten Commandments.’” The proliferation of the book was part of a project sponsored by Christian group Living Waters, called “The Origin into Schools Project,” which hopes to proliferate education about intelligent design and the gospel. (For an informational video about the project featuring Growing Pains actor Kirk Cameron, click here.)

The book-giving event was originally scheduled for Thursday, effectively ruining the plans of the SSA to counter the creationists’ event with their own, more satirical, on-campus event. SSA had planned to set up shop as “Students for Stork Acknowledgement” to promote the doctrine that babies come from storks, said Ashok Bhaskar ’12, a member of SSA.

Instead, SSA handed out bookmarks stating “” along with “Use with your copy of Comfort’s Origin of Species.” The bookmarks include, “for best results, insert at p. 59” — effectively skipping the all the sections on creationism.