• In case you haven’t yet heard, tomorrow’s dinner in the residential college dining halls will be inundated with peanuts. Danny Serna investigates the curious story behind the unusual menu.
  • Yalies looking to mingle with visiting Cantabs Friday night will have an opportunity to do so at Dance Party with Pance Party, a dry event in Commons sponsored by the Yale College Council. YCC representatives say they hope the party in Commons, as well as other pre-Game events, will encourage more non-athletes to get excited about the Bulldogs.
  • Undergraduates who take out student loans will now have to borrow from a federally-funded direct loan program instead of private vendors.

    High of 54 degrees, low of 32 degrees, mostly sunny.


    In the colleges

    • Breakfast: Lemon Poppy Coffee Ring
  • Soup: Tortilla Soup, Goulash Soup
  • Lunch: Refried Black Beans, Chicken Quesadilla, Cheese Enchilada, Cellentani, Pork Carnitas, Torta Tijuana, Organic Blondie Chocolate Chip Bars, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
  • Dinner: Gluten-free Peanut Macaroni & Cheese, Tomato & Peanut Chutney, Marinated Salmon with Cilantro Pesto, Peanut Parmesan Spiced Chicken Cutlet, Spicy Peanut Chaat, Indian Coconut Rice, Roasted Potatoes with Peanuts & Indian Spices, Stir-fried Cabbage, Peppers, Peanuts & Peas, Green Beans with Coconut, Peanut Harissa, Slaw with Chilies & Peanuts, Raita, Peanut Pie, Magic Bar
  • In Commons

    • Breakfast: Blueberry Dairyless Pancakes, Red Bliss Home Fries, Lemon Poppy Coffee Ring
  • Lunch:Chicken Gumbo Soup, Tortilla Soup, Savory Turkey Chili, Beef Barbecoa, Refried Black Beans, Roasted Chayote, Roasted Tofu With Cilantro Citrus Sauce, Fresh Corn On The Cob, Chicken Breast Parmesan Sandwich, Aussie Burger, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Organic Blondie Chocolate Chip Bars
  • Dinner: Chicken Gumbo Soup, Cardamom Roast Lamb, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chana Masala, Roasted Cauliflower with Indian Spices, Peach Crisp