The time was midnight. The place was Branford common room. The show was “Where the Wilde Things Are: The Importance of Being Furriest.” The Players were Exit.

A raucous Friday night improv crowd welcomed the Exit Players onto the stage. This one guy in front was particularly excited (read: drunk). The Players made fun of him for that. I was similarly excited, but not as excited nor as visible as that kid. Also I don’t think Exit would have made fun of me because I totes have an in with Tom Sanchez. You know Tom Sanchez? Good people.

Show highlights, from what I remember:

Brendan Ternus’ ’12 question to the Jeopardy answer “Charles Dickens in Cabo”: “What is show us your Twist?”

And my favorite, the Bucket Game. Now I consider myself somewhat of a Yale improv aficionado, but I had never seen this game before. Three Exit Players participate, but only two can be in a scene at a time. The last one must keep his or her head submerged in a bucket of water and ostensibly drown until one of his or her partners taps him or her out of the bucket. Before I was uncertain, but now I know for sure: Improvisation + near death = HILARIOUS.