The Sandy Gill Affair, a Yale punk band created in 2007, played Wednesday night at The Space in Hamden, Conn. It was both their first show of the year, and the first show with their new bassist, Vlad Chituc ’12. The other members of the group are Scott H. Snyder ’10 on vocals/guitar, Sean T. McCusker ’10 on guitar and Colin Adamo ’10 on drums. (Adamo is better known as the prankster who ran for YCC Treasurer as a joke candidate last April.)

The band played about six songs to an audience of about 15-20 teens and college students, Chituc said.

“I dropped my pick about three times and knocked my cable out of the bass,” Chituc said. “It was kind of a mess, but I was rocking out really hard so I don’t think it actually mattered.”