Lady Gaga released a new video this week. And scene was inspired to respond.


Haters, hate on. Gaga is a genius. She’s not Britney Spears, okay? Hating her just because you think it’s cool to hate female pop-stars is stupid. “OMG, it’s so mainstream…” So what? To quote Lil’ Boosie, “Real recognize real, playa.” Gaga is the real deal.


The following is my reaction, as communicated to Zach Fuhrer through gchat, after seeing “Bad Romance”:

me: ZACH

can I scene blog about the new lady gaga video


and it’s amazing

and if you don’t agree you don’t know anything about art

COKEY COHEN watches GaGa go cookoo

  • 00:00 — Gaga sitting with her own mafia/army, then she takes her finger off the button and we cut to her secret robot lab.
  • 00:21– Gaga fetuses crawl from their incubation tanks. They are young and learning to walk.
  • 00:47 — One is broken and twisted and remains in the bathtub with twitching fingers.
  • 01:04 — Evil black mastermind Gaga looks diabolically into a mirror.
  • 01:28 — The broken/fetus Gaga is taken away for testing and isn’t happy about it. She is force-fed vodka and wrapped up to be sent away to the enemy mafia clan.
  • 02:05 — We see flashes of Gaga alone and naked — this is what’s going on in the human part of her mind while her robot body, dressed in diamonds, dances for the pleasure of the evil Mafiosos.
  • 02:30 — She pretends to be into the dancing but in her eyes we see a hint of rebellion.
  • 03:00 — The frozen diamonds flying off her body reveal her as a secret agent — it’s Black Mastermind Gaga from the beginning.
  • 03:28 — Dressed in an entirely golden outfit with black sunglasses, Gaga stalks across the floor. She is utilizing fashion to fool the Mafia, the robot and human sides of her are fighting for dominance.
  • 03:45 — She knows she has a mission to accomplish, no matter the price.
  • 04:00 — If I was high, this would be much easier to understand.
  • 04:58 — Finally, she has completed her task — literally, her clothing and sexuality have killed her enemy (HE WAS NEVER HER LOVER.)