Max Lanman recommends the videos of the day.

Ewoks on the Today Show

On Halloween, apparently the Today show thought it would be good to not only show people how to make alcoholic drinks, but also to have little people dressed as Ewoks help them. Ewoks. Booze. Dancing. Al Roker. Watch and be amazed:

Kevin Olusola – Smooth Criminal (Cello Beatboxing)

Kevin Olusola ’11, currently in China on a Light Fellowship, is a baller. He beatboxes while he plays the cello. And it’s not like ‘Oh he’s a celloist who is kinda just throwing some beats in there,’ or ‘He’s dirty at beatboxing, and alright at cello.’ It’s more like one thing — that he does really, really well. Celloboxing? I likeeeee…

Papa – What You Can’t Leave Behind

These guys came to Yale a few weeks ago, so I YouTube-ed them. This music video is awesome. I’ve played it at least 10 times this week — really well shot, cool story, funny. As a bonus, I think you’ll like the tune as well!