It all started with Trash. And by Trash, think nightclub night. No really, it was a night started by Turkish electro DJ Erol Alkan in 1997 at The End, a club in London. With Trash closing in 2007, Alkan has continued his rise to fame, mixing tracks from artists including Mylo, Daft Punk and Bloc Party.

His latest move has been to sign German artist Boris Dlugosh to his record label, Phantasy — “Bangkok” is Phantasy’s sixth release.

But, who is this German guy? Boris Dlugosch is a music producer best known for his funky/deep house tracks.

Despite only occasional hits on the club circuit in his “happy hardcore” days (the ’90s), he moved forward into the noughties gaining fame through his remix of Moloko’s “Sing it Back.” Even after a rough start, this producer has street cred.

“Bangkok” aligns with the textures of nightlife in general, layering repetitive underbeats with flashy rhythms. While some may think it takes a while to hit its groove, it is hard to stay seated after the two minute mark.

Now, the track is not exactly happy hardcore, it’s more an unexpected merging of trance with electronic beat-making. No words, just pounding sounds. If this track was a person, think ghetto hippie all in one. The repetitive nature of the track really throws you around the dance floor. Maybe that’s why it is so popular.

So what will the new album look like? Just ask Yale graduate David Rudnick ’09 (former co-founder and graphic designer for Volume). As designer for the “Bangkok” album cover, he first met Alkan at Trash the year before he came to Yale. He says, “I think we bonded because if I heard a track he played that was exceptionally amazing, I would ask him what it was and embarrassingly it would always turn out to be one of his tracks, and he would occasionally ask me where I got my T-shirt and it was usually one that I’d designed …” After Alkan’s suggestion of a cover with no text, it hit Rudnick that he had the perfect image, one from his collection of Nicolas Cage pictures (yes Nicolas Cage, turns out Rudnick has an obsession with him). Rudnick chose a photo of a child leaning on the shoulder of a Nicolas Cage waxwork.

Now, Rudnick says, he is working on some top-secret stuff for Alkan, and all we know is that we will be able to wear it!

So no more spoilers, go check the new sights and sounds for yourself at