• John DeStefano Jr. will likely win New Haven’s mayoral election tonight for the ninth time. But if he does, he won’t be New Haven’s longest-serving mayor — that distinction belongs to Elizur Goodrich 1779, who held the office for 19 years. Taylor Lasley explores the man behind the 187-year-old mayoral record.
  • President Levin departs Wednesday night for the land of Bollywood, world-class cricket and half of the Himalayan mountain system: he’s attending the India Higher Education Summit and the World Economic Forum India Economic Summit, along with a delegation of Yale faculty. The objective of the trip, Levin said, is to “make Yale more of a center of India study, as it has historically been for China, and we’re trying to build connections to Indian institutions and develop partnerships with Indian universities.”
  • John Yoo LAW ’92 has been garnering flak for his role in authorizing “intensive interrogation techniques” on suspected terrorists. Last week, students protested outside his classes at the University of California Berkeley.

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  • Breakfast: Assorted Muffins With Organic Ingredients
  • Lunch: In Commons, Tomato Soup, Smoky Turkey Rice Soup, Moroccan Slow Cooked Chicken, Tofu Parmigiana, Mojo Chicken Breast Sandwich, Cowboy Burger; in the colleges, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Avgolemono (Egg & Lemon Soup), Turkey Moussaka, Felafel With Tahini Dressing, Spanakopita, Red Pepper Hummus Lavash Sandwich , Rice Pilaf, Greek Salad, Coconut Macaroons Made With Organic Ingredients, Apple Cinnamon Walnut Bar.
  • Dinner: In Commons, Smoky Turkey Rice Soup, Fresh Catch Of The Day, Chicken Marsala, Pasta Fagioli With Vegetables, Cheese Lasagna, Tomato All-Beef Meat Sauce; in the colleges, Quinoa Black Bean & Corn Pilaf, Chile-Cumin Shredded Beef Tacos, Chicken Stir Fry Cantonese, Rice With Scallions, Roasted Chayote, Cut Corn, Coconut Cake With Cream Cheese Icing