Today is the New Haven municipal election, and if you’re registered to vote in the Elm City, it’s your chance to cast a ballot in favor of the mayoral and aldermanic candidate of your choice.

Yalies Mike Jones ’11 and Justin Elicker FES ’10 SOM ’10 are running for aldermanic positions in Wards 1 and 10, respectively. Mayor John DeStefano Jr. hopes to hold on to his title and become New Haven’s longest serving elected mayor, but he’s not unopposed — Ralph Ferrucci, Henri Sumner and Angela Watley are also on the ballot.

If you live in Ward 1 (Branford, Saybrook, Pierson, Davenport, Jonathan Edwards, Trumbull, Berkeley and Calhoun colleges), your polling place is the New Haven Free Public Library at 133 Elm St. Mike Jones ’11 is running unopposed for Ward 1 alderman.

If you live in Ward 22 (Ezra Stiles, Silliman and Timothy Dwight colleges, along with Swing Space), your polling place is the Wexler/Grant School at 55 Foote St. Cordelia Thorpe and Lisa Hopkins, a write-in candidate, are running against incumbent Greg Morehead for Ward 22 alderman.

Polls will stay open between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.