Yale Sustainable Food Project blogger Margaret Tung ’10 was featured yesterday on the Atlantic’s food blog. Her topic of conversation: dining hall oatmeal.

Tung writes:

A few weeks ago, I wrote about oatmeal for my column on the Yale Sustainable Food Project’s student blog. I talked about my obsession with the food, and how often I find myself thinking about eating it. I even wrote one of my final semester papers on it.

What I didn’t stress then is that oatmeal is a kitchen chameleon. It can be anything you want it to be. You can start with a can of whole rolled oats and end up with plain oatmeal. You could be in a chocolate frenzy and end up with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. You could have a craving for crunchy, buttery, honeyed granola. You could swap oatmeal for rice and eat it with your stir-fry. You might start out with cinnamon and sugar and realize that what you actually want is maple oatmeal with bacon mixed into it.

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(Photo courtesy of the Atlantic.)