The Y150 gave a strong all-around performance at its penultimate race Sunday at the Princeton 3-Mile Chase.

The Bulldogs took fourth, sixth and 20th place in the men’s varsity lightweight eights at Lake Carnegie. The Y150 also took fifth and 10th place in the men’s freshman lightweight eights, as well as fourth, eighth, 10th and 38th in the men’s varsity lightweight fours.

Head Coach Andy Card said that regardless of the results, the chase was a great opportunity for the crew.

“The great thing about the Chase — like the Head of the Housatonic [the annual regatta hosted by Yale] — is that you can bring the whole team, including freshmen, and race multiple times,” he said. “I like the fact that freshmen can race on the same course as experienced and national-caliber senior oarsmen. So if the expectation was to go down to the river and race with your friends, we did that and more.”

In the varsity eights, the A boat finished fourth with a time of 13:33.527, 14 seconds behind Princeton’s winning time of 13:19.685. However, in a show of overall team strength, the B boat finished in sixth place with a time of 13:38.880 — just five seconds behind the A. Yale’s C boat came in 20th place with a time of 14:15.536.

Captain Brendan McCook ’10 said the varsity race especially showcased the Y150’s strength.

“Our top two boats finished with the best combined time of any schools’ top two boats,” he said. “A finish like that shows a lot of depth on the squad, putting us in a good position for this early in the year.”

In the varsity fours, the Yale A boat took fourth place with a time of 14:59.018. The Yale C boat finished eighth with a time of 15:21.828, around three seconds ahead of the 10th-place B boat.

In the freshman eights race, the Yale A boat finished fifth with a time of 14:33.965, and the B boat finished 10th.

In the small boats, two-person race, Yale threw together five combinations of two rowers and finished in 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 28th places.

Looking to the future, Card said there is still work to be done.

“Like pre-season football, you are looking at having your veterans shake off the rust, and to get your up-and-comers a real look at how they perform under pressure,” he said. “The final score is relatively meaningless as far as the regular season goes. Everything we did this week has been valuable with regard to forming the personality of this year’s team.”

The lightweight crew will compete in its last race of the fall season next weekend at the Green Monster in Hanover, N.H.