A growing trend. As mentioned in today’s print Cross Campus, the Daily Princetonian published a story today extolling the school’s seemingly flawless transition to traylessness.

From the article:

Butler College Master Sanjeev Kulkarni described an “overwhelmingly positive” response from students. “Any change requires some adjustment and a learning period, and our numbers at Butler/Wilson have been quite high, and yet things have gone quite smoothly,” Kulkarni said.

Kulkarni credited the easy transition to the Dining Services staff’s hard work and dedication. Dining Services staff members in the Forbes dining hall said that they have had no problems with the new system.

Princeton’s easy move towards trayless dining stands in stark contrast with Yale’s unsuccessful experiment with getting rid of trays in Commons last month. In that episode, Yale Dining Services returned trays to the dining hall after less than a week, due to the overwhelmingly negative response from students.