The following excerpts, originally recorded in light blue, “Milky” brand gel pen, have been taken directly from the diary of the author as an eight- and nine-year-old.

Love Life

Zachary likes me! He’s cute. I know he likes me because Rachel told me he does, and so did Paul, who is Zach’s best friend. Dana almost barfed in music class while thinking about him liking me. I got out a magazine, Girl’s Life, from the library and it tells you how to deal with boys.

I got a huge part in a play! I’m Moon Li, daughter of a Chinese widow. Kara is the widow. In the play, Kyle O’Neill is the tiger. ‘Well, that’s not bad,’ you’re thinking. Now hear this: The tiger puts his head on Moon Li’s lap!

I think either Josh or Joey V. likes me, or both.

Man vs. Wild

At the top, there was a mountain man. He lives off Nature! He has no money, and takes only what he needs. He’s very nice, and funny, and I had my picture taken with him.

Today I rode to the bike trail and back with dad. I fell of my bike and got a big, terrible scratch. It’s bleeding. Right now it’s starting to sting. ‘Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s Stone’ is my favorite book.


The play was today. It got totally wrecked, but the adults said it was terrific. Adults always say everything’s terrific.

I am wearing pajamas I got for Chanukah. They have glow-in-the-dark stars all over them and they are blue. They are about 20 sizes too big. There’s a motto to this: Never buy a grown-up size in anything unless you’re actually a grown-up.

Susie is acting all “grown-up” because she’s 11 and in middle school. She’s still only 2 years older than me, so she shouldn’t be acting like a SNOB.


Today we flew into Miami. Then we drove to the Everglades. We saw 3 big crocs and 8 baby crocs.

I have a science experiment in my locker. It is cheese and crackers I am growing mold on.


I’m sorry. I haven’t written for such a long time.

I can’t help thinking: This diary is almost finished! I can’t wait to get an Amelia one! (No offense, diary.)

This diary is like a never-ending story. I could go back and read all my entries, but I still would never have read it all because I would have written more entries by then. That’s sort of hard to follow, what I just wrote.

Happy Birthday Diary! You are now officially 1 year old!