Beware the green-eyed monster. Northwest Canada’s Lakehead University has finally moved beyond its “Yale Shmale” recruitment efforts in favor of a newer, more sophisticated admissions campaign called “Think for Yourself,” according to the Chronicle-Journal, a newspaper in Ontario.

In 2006, Lakehead tried to attract more applicants with a campaign called “Yale Shmale,” mocking former President George W. Bush and asserting that “You can get a great education at Yale. You might even become president of the United States. But going to an Ivy League school may not be the right decision. The smart choice is a university that‘s right for you.”

Now, Lakehead has chosen a more politically-correct recruitment campaign that highlights three successful alumni who wax nostalgic on the value of their Lakehead education. The campaign, called “Think for Yourself,” features musician Shy-Anne Hovorka, who said of her Lakeland experience: “I went to Lakehead because I needed to discover my own way, in my life and in my music. The professors didn‘t try and push me into a box. They did everything they could to help me live my own dream.”