Superintendent Reginald Mayo left a scheduled Monday meeting with the New Haven grassroots organization Teach Our Children after a parent member of the group refused to leave, the New Haven Independent reported Tuesday. Last week, TOC officials and Mayo planned to have the meeting as the officials called for more Spanish translation of school documents, such as parent handbooks and orientation materials, as well as more Spanish translators at school events. TOC parent leader Nilda Aponte told the Independent that Mayo came to the meeting 25 minutes late and immediately said, “Who called me a liar?” He referred to testimony by TOC parent Alberto Nieves, who said Mayo lied to parents about providing translation services in public schools. After Nieves revealed himself to Mayo, Aponte told the Independent, Mayo threatened to cancel the meeting unless Nieves left the meeting. Soon after, Mayo left. New Haven Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Wade declined to comment to the Independent. TOC leader Claudia Bosch told the News last week that previous scheduled meetings with Mayo had been unsuccessful, but TOC officials are optimistic that school officials may provide more translation services in the future.