Prohibition, a formal dance party with a Jazz Age theme, will replace Casino Night this year. Casino Night was canceled last year because of concerns that it violated Connecticut’s law against gambling. The party will be held in Commons on Saturday, Nov. 14.

The Whiffenpoofs of Yale were featured on Perez Hilton’s blog Wednesday morning. A photo of the group accompanied a post explaining why NBC booted “Glee,” the FOX TV show about a high school singing group, from the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Davenport dishes underwear. Hungry D’porters waiting in the soup line at dinner Wednesday evening noticed a pair of white cotton women’s underwear mysteriously lying on the floor of the buffet area.

Sick meals and tips. D’porters who were too ill to be at the dining hall Tuesday received an e-mail containing a revised sick meal form and the following tip: “No tissue? Use the crook of your arm. Encourage others to do the same.” Sick students were also reminded that “self isolation is very important.”

Saybrook stitching frenzy. Saybrugians have been invited to participate in a “Costume-making Cram Session” next Saturday. Snacks will be provided, but participants will need to provide their own fabric and materials.

A bring-your-own-plate discount will be offered starting next week at the Saybrook Squiche. Saybrugians who want to save a quarter should go china shopping as discounts will not be given to people with dispensable plates or plates from the dining halls.

False alarm. Beinecke Plaza was evacuated and cordoned off by Yale police just before 4 p.m. Wednesday. At least one New Haven Police cruiser and a fire truck arrived at the scene but left after 15 minutes.

The Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association named two Yalies to its All-Academic Sailing Team. Physics major Rebecca Jackson ’10 and psychology major Adriane Levin ’09 were both honored.

Planning for Spring Fling begins today with the first Spring Fling Committee 2010 meeting. No word if YouTube star Sam Tsui ’11 is under consideration.

This day in Yale history

1906 Yale College freshmen attended a mandatory lecture by Dr. Rettger of the Scientific School at the Lampion Lyceum. The topic? “Some important factors which determine good health.” Students were also encouraged to attend such health lectures regularly.