My daughter, who recently graduated from Yale College, never saw a thrilling bladderball spectacular during her years. I’m glad, for future generations of Yalies, that bladdderball is back (though certain de minimis rules should be abided by to ensure that life, limbs and property are safeguarded).

In our day, bladderball was seen as a late-morning rally and a prelude to the big Dartmouth game. The bladderball would magically appear from Phelps Gate and remain on the Old Campus sanctum until it romped and escaped over the High Street Gate.

Through the clever tactics of the several college teams (using walkie-talkies mostly), the ball would find its way up to the home of then-President Brewster, who would graciously appear on his front lawn, make a toast to all bladderballers and lead a Yale chant to bolster the fortunes of Yale footballers. It was fun, rousing and unforgettable. And, Saybrook always won!

Alfred Blas

Chester Township, N.J.

Oct. 12

The writer is a 1975 graduate of Saybrook College.