Sushi dos and don’ts

Best Place to get Sushi Rolls: Sushi on Chapel

With a wide selection and reasonable prices, Sushi on Chapel is the best place for rolls in New Haven. Rolls range from simple and traditional to complex and unique.

Simone’s pick: The Crazy Roll — A basic avocado and shrimp tempura roll drizzled with teriyaki sauce and covered with thinly-cut kani (crab meat) in a slightly spicy mayonnaise sauce. A roll with so many ingredients, it’s great for someone who can’t make up their mind. $13.00

Max’s pick: The Spicy Tuna Hand Roll — People tend to overlook hand rolls on the menu. This is a cone-shaped roll layered with seaweed on the outside and filled with rice and tuna, topped with a spicy mayonnaise. Perfect for the person who wants a roll with more fish and less rice. $5.50

Runner Up: Miso, which offers a wide selection of traditional type rolls but for a higher price.

Best place to get Sashimi: Miso

Miso has a diverse range of sashimi available on a daily basis and, on weekends, Miso offers special items that don’t typically appear on the average sushi menu.

Simone’s Pick: Unagi (eel) Sashimi ­— Miso’s Unagi is lightly torched and then drizzled with teriyaki sauce — and is served in generous portions. You can get Unagi at any sushi place in New Haven, but Miso’s dish is prepared the best. $5.00

Max’s Pick: Penshell Scallop Sashimi — Unlike most other New Haven sushi joints, Miso serves fresh penshell scallops. Add a lemon drop and a bit of wasabi to bring out the delicate taste of the scallop. Market price.

Runner Up: Miya’s, which adds creative spices to the sashimi, or Sushi on Chapel for something more traditional and better priced.

Best place for a date:

Romantic date: Miso.

If you are willing to splurge a little on your date — Miso is definitely the place to go. With dim lighting, soft music and a Zen Japanese ambience, Miso is the ultimate romantic sushi joint in New Haven.

First Date: Sushi on Chapel

Not only is Sushi on Chapel close enough to campus to offer a quick escape in case your date goes badly, but it also offers a casual, no pressure environment. Sushi on Chapel’s selection provides more value for its price, and faster service.

Big Groups: Samurai

Samurai has the best prices and offers a great space for big groups — whether for sake bombing or a large birthday dinner. A word of advice: the rolls are adequate given their price, but don’t order the sashimi, which is rubbery and usually still in the process of defrosting.

Small Groups of Friends: Sushi on Chapel and Miya’s

For a small group of friends both Sushi on Chapel and Miya’s are the optimal venues. Take Sushi on Chapel if everyone wants traditional sushi. If there are people in your group not too fond of Sushi, pick Miya’s as the alternative touch may offer an easier introduction for western taste buds.

Most Creative: Miya’s

Miya’s offers an extensive menu of eclectic sushi choices, some of which don’t even include seafood. From goat’s cheese to Spanish squid ink, you will find a highly innovative sushi menu at Miya’s.

Simone’s pick: The Bad Tempered Geisha Boy Roll — This roll is filled with New Zealand mussels spiced with Thai pepper and scallions. Even though the roll offers a fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisine, it’s one of the more traditional choices on Miya’s unconventional menu. $5.75

Max’s pick: Romping with the Goats Roll — This roll offers torched tilapia, apricot and goat cheese; it provides a gentle introduction to some of Miya’s crazier rolls, since the goat cheese and apricot do not overwhelm the taste of the fish. $5.75

Runner Up: Sushi on Chapel — creative but uses more traditional ingredients.

Our Overall Pick: Sushi on Chapel

Whether you want some rolls or sashimi, Sushi on Chapel simply offers the best package. The service is excellent and the prices are very fair. The atmosphere is great for all occasions and they even give you free miso soup!