Q: What did you do before you came here?

A: I was an art director and designer at Chronicle Books in San Francisco. I moved out there after graduating from RISD in ’02 … Because I didn’t know anything about typography I slept my way to the top. Obviously.

Q: Wait, did you do that book about hipster foodies?

A: It’s called “Everything I Ate,” by Tucker Shaw. He photographed everything he ate in 2004 … wrote about social interactions, friends and food. I had a major crush on him. He was super fun, totally goofy and incredibly smart.

Q: How do your parents feel about you being an artist?

A: Good, but they don’t really understand what that is. They are like, “Oh, did you take these photographs?” And I’m like, “No, I did the layout.” And they are like, “So you mean you picked the photographs? What, like full page or half page?”

Q: What influences your work?

A: I really like the design of cereal boxes — a complete fantasy world. I like supermarkets too. Carnivals with black-light fun houses are amazing.

Q: What was a costume your friends at the time least expected you to wear?

A: A JonBenét Ramsey costume I wore in 2007. A friend who used to work for Pee Wee’s Playhouse in L.A. made it for me.

Q: What kind of influence did Vanilla Ice have on your haircut?

A: Absolutely none. Because I truly am the real Ice, Ice, Baby. I’m just taking back what was rightfully mine. (Jay’s concentration was lost for a bit because a hobbit walked across the street making cawing noises. He invited Jay for a drink later. Jay agreed.)

Q: Is it good to be a graduate student here?

A: I love the program. It’s all good. The 2010 Graphic Design class is the best class to come through Yale. We all meshed early on.

Q: Are you all going to get matching tattoos?

A: Matching tattoos, tongue rings, tramp stamps and probably rat-tails.

Q: Where do you see yourself going?

A: To hell.

Q: So instead of working for Chronicle again or moving, you’re going to hell?

A: I’m going to redesign hell. It is going to be colorful — a different hue of red. More psychedelic.

Q: Isn’t that more like interior design than graphic design?

A: Yes. I might have a secret passion.

Q: What about the gates?

A: Tearing them down. They just need to come down. They are not a welcome mat. They keep people out. It doesn’t say “come in.” The first thing I’m going to do when I get down there is take them out.

Q: How do you feel about three-headed dogs?

A: I tend to lean on the side of ferrets. Only ones with one head though.

Q: Did you ever get shoved into lockers in high school?

A: In the hallways or in the locker rooms?

Q: In the hallways. By bigger kids. Or were you the one doing the shoving?

A: No, I was always in the locker room.

Q: What were you doing in the locker room?

A: I can’t say