Company of We, an e-store, was my favorite thing this summer, and it looks like it will be my favorite thing for a while.

Thrillist calls it “Bergan Outdorfers,” We Are The Market prefers “Democratic Luxury” and describes the shopping experience as “walking into Jeffrey and finding everything 80% off.” To me, Company of We is plainly a wish come true. With a 25 percent gift card.

First, I’ll admit I’m not a fan of e-shopping. I still need to go out and try clothes on before spending $100+ on anything. And, well, I do enjoy just going out shopping instead of buying things while in a coffee shop avoiding a problem set. I don’t e-shop often and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

But Company of We is just that good.

Jayzel Samonte and Christopher Crawford, partners in life and business, launched the first line of the Company of We in June this year, and their fall collection was just released last week. Only for men, the clothes speak for themselves, and their success (85 percent of their summer stock was gone by August) accounts for it. Personally, I’m a fan of their blazers (check out the Custer Blazer in slate and the Captain Leisure Jacket in herringbone grail).

But besides the fact that this stuff seems way underpriced (almost everything runs for less than $200), they got me for other reasons. The site is reliable — my last purchase was a very nice blazer and a buckle-less belt that, sadly, fit way better than other pieces of clothing I own. And I also like the feeling of buying from young, emerging businesspeople/designers who know what I want and are aware of my financial situation as an ex-library worker. (That’s right.) Plus, Jayzel accepted my friend request. (That’s right.)

In short, Company of We allows casual sophistication every day of the week. And you don’t even have to finish that problem set to start shopping.

Shopping for good

Here’s another thing of which I’m not a fan: charity- or event-clothing.

Peace sweatshirts, baseball caps against breast cancer, Morse pride anything — you name it. Sure, I’ll wear them for the event. Sure, I’ll support your cause. But no, I will not be going out wearing a walrus on my chest.

Blake Mycoskie is an American entrepreneur who likes to take pictures with Elijah Wood and put them on his blog. After a trip to Argentina in 2006, he came up with an idea for a new business. He’d make shoes and match every pair purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need.

Don’t fret. TOMS Shoes look good. They seem sleek, casual and, judging by the tones and patterns, I’m sure they are very easy to wear. They are $70 or less, AND you get to feel good about yourself for the right reasons.

Also, when they say “one for one,” they mean it. According to the Web site, TOMS Shoes has donated over 140,000 pairs of shoes.

The goal is to reach 300,000 pairs by the end of the year. A goal they shouldn’t have much of a problem fulfilling if enough people see the new “Cordones” line.