I ask myself: have I ever wished there were a healthy alternative to Durfee’s? Negatory — that’s never happened.

A couple of things I would like might be, I don’t know, being able to swipe in the Law School. Or the abolishment of Family Dinner.

But no. I rub the lamp of lame and Uncommon is what I get.

According to Thomas Tucker, director of retail development and operations at Yale, the student shop, meant to open by the second week of September, is “in a soft opening training mode.” What in the name of granola does that mean?

“No official regular hours to announce until next week,” Tucker added.

Great — Uncommon is in fact open, but we don’t get to know when we can actually go and buy our Odwalla products.

In any case, I’m determined to embrace Uncommon, to love Uncommon. I’m determined to not use the name of Uncommon in vain.

I can’t wait to dip my healthy alternatives to Durfee’s apples into my healthy alternative to Durfee’s caramel. Though, let’s face it, it may not be caramel.

It’ll probably be something more sustainable, nutritious, local, fairly traded, and in the shape of rainbow-colored peace signs.

I’m going to like everything Uncommon.

This leads me to the great marketing opportunities of a place with such a name.

Uncommon: Yale’s answer to a wish we never really made.