Law enforcement officials investigating the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13 returned to the Yale research facility where Le’s body was found Sept. 13, a spokesman for the New Haven Police Department confirmed Wednesday.

Still, researchers continued to work throughout the day Wednesday at the 10 Amistad St. facility, which NHPD spokesman Joe Avery said remains a crime scene. “It’s not unusual for them to keep going back and forth,” Avery said.

State police and NHPD detectives returned to the School of Medicine building to examine potential new evidence in the case, Avery said. An employee said a “wash room” in the basement — where mouse cages are cleaned — had become a “crime scene again” and lab technicians were instructed to leave, according to the New Haven Independent.

A former girlfriend of the man charged with Le’s murder gave a televised interview to Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday. The ex-girlfriend, Jessica Del Rocco, said Raymond Clark III — a former Yale animal technician — was “controlling” and “physical” during the time the two dated in high school. At the beginning of their relationship, Del Rocco said, Clark was an ideal boyfriend.

“At first he was perfect,” she said. “He was charming, he was sweet, he took me out.”

About three months into their relationship, Del Rocco said, Clark began telling her how to speak, where to go and what to wear. As the relationship went on, Del Rocco said, she began to see Clark’s temper and anger more frequently.

“If things didn’t go his way, then he’d make them go his way,” she said.

When Del Rocco told Clark she wanted to break up with him, she said he resisted and “an incident occurred.” Pressed by Sawyer, Del Rocco declined to comment further on what Clark did. For two weeks after their relationship ended, Del Rocco said police escorted her from school to her car.