In an e-mail to Berkeley students yesterday, Master Marvin Chun said that a student recently committed an unspecified “egregious act of vandalism” in Berkeley’s Lower Library. Chun said he was “saddened to think that someone has become so angry that they have lost control of themselves” and urged the person to seek professional help.

Annie Le GRD ’13 was featured in more news stories across the country last week than any other person beside President Barack Obama, according to the Pew Research Center.

Only health care and the economy were the subject of more stories than Le’s murder, which drew more coverage the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other things.

But Nancy Grace, at least, is moving on. A sign that the media onslaught regarding Le’s murder has finally subsided: After eight consecutive episodes devoted to the case, the legal commentator did not mention Le on her HLN show last night.

Former Harvard professor Jim Yong Kim was inaugurated yesterday as Dartmouth College’s 17th president. Yale sent Law School professor Kate Stith, a Dartmouth alumna, as a delegate to the ceremony.

Eight years after their college was renovated, Saybrugians were alerted yesterday that the Development Office will soon be sending employees into 13 suites to mount plaques recognizing donors.

Bring out the satin robes. Bob Meyers, former president of media for Playboy Enterprises Inc., will be discussing Playboy’s “healthy” video-on-demand business, among other things, at Horchow Hall today at 11:30 a.m.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your sexual knowledge for the day, a lecture on the “American History of Intersex” will take place in WLH at 5 p.m.

This day in Yale history
1969 The door of Mory’s opened for women — though only when accompanied by a male dues-paying escort.