I smell bacon, and it’s not coming from the Branford dining hall’s weekend crew.

The ongoing construction of Harkness Tower has made a good night’s rest nearly impossible for Branfordians. The sounds of drills and banging and the voices of diligent construction workers have served as a plain contradiction to one of the main pieces of medical advice offered by University Health Services to combat the contraction and spread of swine flu: sufficient sleep.

It’s easy and indeed necessary for members of the University community to wash hands, avoid close contact and avoid sharing of utensils. More importantly, YUHS’s request that Yalies step up their hygiene is straightforward and fair. In fact, it would be good idea at any time.

The H1N1 virus came to fore last spring as a potentially serious threat to millions ­— a pandemic on the horizon. Contracts and deadlines aside, if the University is serious about nipping the spread of swine flu in the bud, it should make a serious effort to provide the proper environment in which to do so.

Suggesting a good night’s sleep as if there aren’t jackhammers going off outside students’ windows at 7 a.m. is unreasonable. The Harkness Tower moat under renovation won’t save us from the farrow of sick piglets poised at Branford Gate. To be sure, a good night’s rest would be better.

Alexander Kellar

Sept. 11

The writer is a junior in Branford College.