A suspect in the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13 did not show up for work today and neither did his sister, brother-in-law or fiancé, all of whom work for Yale.

A medical campus employee who is privy to developments in the investigation said in an interview that the four all stayed home today. The suspect, who works in Yale’s Animal Resources Center, could not be seen at his Middletown apartment this afternoon.

At the Higganum, Conn., house where the suspect’s sister and brother-in-law live, blinds were closed, and shortly before 6 p.m. two hooded figures ran out of the house and into a black SUV.

Yale spokesman Tom Conroy would not confirm or deny that the lab technician is the target of the investigation into Le’s murder.

“The University doesn’t give out information about Yale employees and whether they’re at work or not,” he added.