It turns out that the missing graduate student wrote an article in a School of Medicine magazine in February about — of all things — staying safe in New Haven.

Annie Le’s GRD ’13 article for B Magazine, a publication of the School of Medicine’s Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences, was titled “Crime and Safety in New Haven.” The piece included an interview with Yale Police Department Chief James Perrotti, who gave advice to students on how to stay safe at Yale. Among Perrotti’s pointers were “pay attention to where you are,” “avoid portraying yourself as a potential victim” and “walk with a purpose.”

Given Le’s unknown whereabouts, the last sentence of her article stands out as particularly haunting. “In short, New Haven is a city,” she wrote, “and all cities have their perils, but with a little street smarts, one can avoid becoming yet another statistic.”