For the past few weeks, Yale students have been receiving e-mails from “The Gradifi Team,” a duo of recent graduates who have launched a Web site for Yale students that allows them to access more extensive reviews of courses and professors than that which is offered by Yale’s online course evaluation system. Inspired, some other Yalies — the Pundits, dare we say? — sent many students a similarly worded e-mail this evening, except that it regards choosing sexual partners rather than courses.

“The Gradification Team” asks that students reply to their e-mail with some choice information. “Write us a detailed description of your entire sexual history, from the first time you felt desire for someone else through all of your libinous exploits over the past few years,” the message asks. “Keep in mind that your data will help you find sexual partners just as freaky and deranged as you.”

By Wednesday, the team promises to have all the data compiled so that Yalies can view statistics and reviews about things that cannot, in good conscience, be reprinted here.