The famous New Haven haunt Toad’s Place announced its intention to build a rooftop deck on which party-goers can take a break from the music to lounge under the stars, sip tea and eat cookies. But while some Yale students said they were intrigued by the concept, many thought the idea was laughable.

“It’s Durf-Toad’s,” Gregory Rubin ’11 said Monday to a chorus of laughs from his friends. “It’s like Durfee’s, but in Toad’s.”

The proposed Toad’s terrace will be surrounded by 6 feet of wooden fencing and will feature a lounge area for snacks and nonalcoholic drinks. There will be no music, so some students said the lounge scene won’t be like the Toad’s Saturday night dance parties to which they are accustomed. But even though Yale officials oppose the plan, citing potential fire and health hazards, students are just raising their eyebrows.

Each of the 32 students interviewed felt Yale’s objections were out of place.

“I think this is crazy and hilarious,” Jasper Frank ’10 said. “It’s not an issue.”

And Adam Begley ’11 said he thought Toad’s has the right idea: “I think it is better for general public health,” he said. “It keeps the smoke and the crowd off the sidewalks.”

For many, the concept of a rooftop lounge was an entirely neutral prospect, despite the potential presence of smokers. Paul Rice ’10 said the change would not affect him at all, given that he is a nonsmoker and an infrequent attendee of Toad’s dance parties.

But most of the students interviewed said they were simply amused by the idea of a portion of the club — infamous for its penny beers and late-night parties — selling cookies, coffee, sodas, tea, and popcorn.

“I don’t think it’ll sell,” Katherine Szigety ’12 said. “People don’t go to Toad’s for cookies and popcorn.”