Update, 2:48 a.m. Monday | Jones said in an interview that his remarks were misrepresented in the NBC Connecticut story. Click here to read more from today’s print edition.

Every time Yale is faced with a “scandal” — from students burning flags to having too much sex in Calhoun College’s showers to storing bombmaking supplies in fraternity houses — television trucks set up shop near Old Campus in search of the traditional man-on-the-street (or, in this case, Eli-on-the-street) quotation. The recent freshman “Scouting Report” was no different.

Among the students interviewed by NBC Connecticut about the e-mail was Ward 1 aldermanic candidate Mike Jones ’11, who is quoted in a piece on the station’s Web site. It is not clear from the story whether the reporter realized to whom he was talking:

Despite the hard feelings over the letter, Michael Jones, a junior, doesn’t think the letter reflects poorly on Yale.

“They’re college kids. Everybody is entitled to a mistake. I just hope the list doesn’t hurt anyone who’s on it,” Jones said.

Read the full story and watch NBC Connecticut’s on-air report (which does not include Jones) here.