1. “A Winter’s Tale”

— directed by Cooper Lewis ’11 for the Dramat

We all know Cooper Lewis will take some risks with this classic. Like those Mexican beggar children in Comedy of Errors last year — was that okay? But good or bad, politically correct or just not, expect loads of fun. I can’t wait for the stage direction “exit pursued by a bear.”

2. “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

— directed by Maggie Burrows ’10

Putnam County! That’s where Lee West ’10 is from!

3. “What the Butler Saw”

— a senior project for Trevor Kempner ’10, starring Cordelia Istel ’10, directed by Olivia Milch ’11

A farce that “questions the boundaries of professionalism, sex, and sanity.” Sounds like Yale. And with that cast, it’s going to be pretty hilarious, y’all.

4. “Ives’ Shorts: an Evening of David Ives’ One-Acts”

— directed by Kaley Sullivan ’10

I wanna see inside Ives’ shorts…

5. “A New Work in Dance Theater”

— a senior project for Jay Frisby ’10

Jay Frisby in a piece of his own creation? What to think? Two years ago, I took Comedy in Performance with Jay Frisby. We created clown personas. His clown took my clown’s baby doll and totally destroyed it using bottled bodily substances. And everyone loved it. Translate that into a dance and voila. Plus, Jay’s super-hot.

6. “Peter Pan”

— starring Timmia Feldman ’12


7. “Twilight: The Musical”

Featuring the music of Britney Spears and a bunch of improv sophomores? “Darq Knight 2,” anybody? Sequels are never as good, but I’m still definitely there.

8. “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told”

— directed by Frank Bewkes ’10


9. “The Dispute”

— a comedy about sex directed by Sam Lasman ’12

Last year Sam Lasman directed “Richard III” as a food fight. Wonder what his metaphor for sex is? I dunno, but I can’t wait.

10. “Life is a Dream”

— a senior project in directing for Isaac Durand ’10

Life is not a dream. Classes are hard. The economy sucks. I will not have a job next year. But maybe this play will be great!

11. “Once Five Years Pass”

— directed by Gary Jaffe ’10

Clocks, cats, and horny football players make trouble in Lorca’s surrealist romp.

12. “Carousel”

The Dramat does classic musical. Debbie does Dallas. We all do what we’re best at. It’ll have great voices, great energy and a great set, I’m sure. Dan Schlosberg ’10 doesn’t have perfect pitch but he might as well.

13. “King Lear”

— directed by Allison Collins ’11

Where did these people get the money to fly in Ian McKellen?

14. “The Illusion”

— directed by Oren Stevens ’11 for the Dramat

A French fantasy story translated by Tony Kushner with a Dramat budget and technical staff. Well, it’s not the “Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus,” whose trailer I certainly haven’t watched over thirty times. Or memorized the lines to. But it is magic! And old bearded men! And time-travel romance! Hooray!

15. “A Skull in Connemara”

— directed by Austin Trow ’12

I don’t know what this is about, but it sounds like Pirates! Irish pirates.