As a new school year begins, New Haven’s favorite late-night snack haunts will see a boost in business that will continue until the last study-weary hours of early May. For every midnight deadline, there will be a hungry student working long past the dining halls’ seven o’clock closing, and the remnants of care packages can only go so far.

For the new crop of freshmen, late night cravings translate into a blind exploration of the Elm City’s numerous options. And while culinary adventures around a new city can indeed be exciting, the overabundance of possibilities can also be daunting. Thus, to save time and effort, I have put together a list — cheap, greasy and filling, these recommendations are just a few of what our campus has to offer.

The best cheesesteak

You cannot go wrong when ordering a cheesesteak at basically any of the late night spots around Yale, but my favorite is at Wall Street Pizza. Like the sub at Aladdin, the molten mixture of fresh steak and cheese is sheathed in an impeccably soft and fresh Italian roll, which to me makes all the difference.

The best gyro

Though I am still busy trying gyros at more places around New Haven, the best I’ve had so far has been at Yorkside. The warm, fluffy pita is stuffed full of succulent, greasy lamb, and for less than eight dollars it’s a real bargain.

The best breakfast sandwich

For those of you craving the irresistible combination of eggs, meat and cheese late at night, Educated Burgher serves a number of delicious, made-to-order sandwiches on your choice of English muffin, bagel or hard roll. Try the salty ham, egg and American cheese combo.

The best “campus favorite”

For those interested in trying one of the specialties most popular among students, go with the wenzel. Made at Alpha Delta, this sub is a delicious combination of buffalo chicken strips, cheese, toppings and condiments.

The best pizza

I’ll let you guys figure this one out! The debate has been raging since perhaps the beginning of time, and between all the free pies and the late night trips with friends, this is one culinary specialty you can explore yourselves! Too bad Pepe’s won’t open their next branch closer to campus.