The Yale football team recently got a fashion intervention from their new coach. After an alum complained about the players’ dress, Tom Williams scolded them and told them to go easy on the sweatpants.

Tech-savvy gym rats rejoice! The elliptical machines in Payne Whitney now have charging docks for iPods and iPhones.

Dining hall desk attendants are encouraging Elis to sanitize their hands after swiping. This step is one of many precautions Yale has taken to prevent the spread of swine flu. Other information is available on the Yale University Health Services Web site, which has a section devoted to questions like “How will I get food if I can’t eat in the Dining Hall?”

Until last night, the Yale Dining Web site said residential college dining halls would be closed for Labor Day. Fortunately for hungry students who have class on Monday, the residential colleges (but not Commons) will be serving food as usual.

Too lazy to walk to Wall Street for Blue State? The shop now has a coffee tricycle roaming the streets around Yale. You can find the trike’s location on the @bluestatecoffee Twitter account.

Another reason not to do drugs: Students were reminded yesterday in an e-mail from the University registrar, Jill Carlton, that they will not be eligible for federal education loans, grants or work-study assistance if they are convicted of possession or sale of drugs.

On the bright side, Yale Security is probably now too busy dealing with lock-outs to search for drugs. In the average month, officers get 600 lock-out calls, according to the University. In the first few weeks of school that number increases dramatically — to about 600 a week — as students get used to carrying their keys with them.

ITS added a new wireless network, “YaleGuest,” this summer in order to allow parents and visitors to access the Internet without a NetID. But approximately one-fourth of Yale students are now bypassing the registration for the secure Yale wireless networks and clogging up the YaleGuest network instead, ITS officials have told student techs.

Joe Lieberman has no regrets. “I did … what I thought was right in supporting my friend John McCain [for president],” Lieberman said in an interview with the News this week. He added that he thought McCain “was best prepared to be president.”

This day in Yale history
2004 The freshman seminar program debuted with 16 courses.