Yale comes in third. U.S. News ranked Yale behind Princeton and Harvard yet again. But we all know Harvard sucks and Princeton doesn’t matter. Or maybe Princeton sucks and Harvard doesn’t matter. Either way, college rankings suck and really don’t matter. (No bitterness here.)

Emma Watson, Brown 2013. After much speculation, it has been revealed that Emma Watson will attend Brown. Despite visiting twice, the “Harry Potter” star never applied to Yale, according to the Admissions Office.

Fun is now $25 more expensive. Students received a surprise on their account statements this summer: The student activities fee has been increased to $75 from $50. The University neglected to send an e-mail to students (as it has done in past years) explaining how to opt out of payment.

Slifka Center hit by Madoff. A nonprofit organization that invested money with the disgraced financier could no longer support Slifka’s orthodox rabbinic educators. A fundraising campaign was launched to save their positions.

Let the Safety Dance preparations begin. The new American Apparel store on Broadway opened May 23.

Maybe they know gossip about Jen and Gerard. Fifty members of the Yale Band were extras in the new Jennifer Aniston movie “The Bounty,” also starring Gerard Butler. In June, the Yalies played their instruments and marched through Brooklyn for the film’s opening scene.

Beware, Elm City pizza joints: There’s new competition in town. Donna Curran, owner of Zinc, opened an “artisan” pizzeria, Kitchen Zinc, in June. The eatery features locally grown ingredients, a brick oven and beer from small-batch breweries.

This day in Yale history

1942 Elis volunteered to pick pears at the Henry Farm in Wallingford. The effort was part of a plan to aid nearby farmers during the harvest. The Undergraduate War Council praised the efforts of the “emergency squadron.”

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