Hillary Clinton LAW '73

Hillary Clinton’s LAW ’73 trip to New Haven on Monday created a veritable buzz.  (According to the New Haven Independent, she even got to enter through the otherwise locked L-Dub gate! Seriously! Celebrities…)

Shortly after Commencement exercises ended around noon Monday, she headed to the Law School to celebrate with the class of 2009. Check the video out here, courtesy of the Law School. When Acting Dean Kate Stith introduced Clinton in the courtyard of the Law School, the crowd of several hundred students and their guests gave the former first lady a standing ovation.

Clinton gave a five minute speech at the ceremony, calling the school at the time of her arrival, fall 1969, an “encampment for protests and frivolity.”

She told the class of 2009 that she had no idea what she would do after law school. She said they should lead their lives with “meaning, adventure, joy and grace along the way.”

Clinton also took some time to dish out a few jokes. The crowd laughed when she apologized for stealing Dean Harold Hongju Koh away from New Haven. Koh was nominated in March to be legal adviser to the State Department, though he has yet to be confirmed by the Senate.

(Photo: Zeke Miller)