Students planning to spend the summer in Mexico will be able to use Yale funds for their projects or travel, thanks to the U.S. State Department’s decision to lift the travel advisory to Mexico, Yale officials said Tuesday.

Earlier this month, Yale refused to fund undergraduate projects or travel in Mexico unless the State Department lifted its advisory on travel to Mexico. So when the advisory was lifted on May 15, funding for programs in Mexico was automatically reinstated, Dean of International Experience Jane Edwards said.

Still, Yale cannot revive its Bulldogs and study abroad programs in Monterrey, both of which were canceled at the request of the local host university, Tecnológico de Monterrey. Edwards said the 19 participants in the Bulldogs and study abroad programs have found alternative summer options.

“We worked with all the students who were going on our programs, and as far as I know, everyone now knows what it is that they’re doing,” she said. “This decision is about students who were waiting to see what would happen.”