No Yalie likes moving out, and three freshmen in Timothy Dwight College — Josh Pan ’12, Max Uhlenhuth ’12 and Devin Smith ’12 — are apparently no different.

Well, they are a little different.  Instead of just complaining about schlepping all their stuff into storage and tidying their suite before noon yesterday, they filmed a “gansta rap” about their plight.

“Me, Max, Devin. Three Yale freshmen. Last day of school. Pent-up roommate angst. Fury. Rage,” Pan wrote on the Timothy Dwight Blog. “The only way to solve this problem? A gangsta rap.”

“The filming of this video was intense,” he added. “Devin alone consumed 4 entire Dr. Pepper’s along the way. No animals were hurt in the making of this video. Except for one, and he had it coming. This was so much fun to make: the more we shot, the better we got.”