One of the above men is an accused killer. The other is an associate professor of sociology at Cornell University. Both are named Stephen Morgan.  And for a while yesterday, it was unclear which of them the public was supposed to be afraid of.

Somehow, a photograph of Professor Stephen Morgan (left) — not gun-toting 29-year-old Stephen Morgan (right) — wound up broadcast on national television yesterday, described as an image of the suspect who at the time was the subject of a manhunt at Wesleyan University following the slaying of a student on Wednesday.

Reports The Associated Press:

Cornell University professor Stephen Morgan thought it was bad enough that he shares the name of a man accused of murder.

But then an assistant showed him a Web site with a photo supposedly of the suspect. What he saw was a decade-old picture of himself.

The sociology professor’s photo was posted on Wesleyan University’s Web site along with details of Wednesday’s fatal shooting of 21-year-old Johanna Justin-Jinich. The image was then broadcast nationally.

Wesleyan says it got the photo from police. Police say they never released the image.

Morgan thinks the photo was taken for his Massachusetts driver’s license when he was a Harvard University graduate student. Wesleyan eventually replaced the photo.