Police maced a man who had stolen the wallet of a Yale sophomore outside Au Bon Pain on Sunday. After realizing his wallet had been stolen, the student chased the man and then alerted a YPD police officer who was in the vicinity.

The chase ended at Bank of America, where the man was arrested and maced. He then told the police he had stolen the wallet because he had lost his job at Cosi.

Yale bhangra heated up Sunday. As the team performed at AIDS Walk, dancers blistered and burned while barefoot on a dark green stage that had spent the afternoon baking in the sun. A short time later at Yale University Health Services, the singed team members received diagnoses of first- and second-degree burns. As several dancers are now on crutches, the team has been forced to cancel its Thursday show.

Bouncy houses and boom boxes took over the Morse courtyard yesterday afternoon as Morsels enjoying morsels lounged in the sun. The occasion, Morse Funday, was topped off with s’mores and a nighttime showing of “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Great Debaters: Two Elis, Andrew Rohrbach ’09 and Grant May ’10, won this weekend’s American Parliamentary Debate Association National Debating Championships. At the competition, held at Mount Holyoke College, Rohrback was named top speaker.

Brains trump brawn, at least in the race to cut costs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Facing a budget crunch, the university has dropped eight varsity teams, including alpine skiing, golf and competitive pistol. The MIT athletics department reportedly needs to slash $1.5 million from its budget.

But the brainiacs did not go down without a fight. MIT students held fundraisers and staged protests in the weeks before the cuts were finalized. They even illustrated their enthusiasm for athletics by kidnapping Tim the Beaver, the university’s mascot. Some of the teams cut may become club sports, the Pistol team coach told The New York Times.

Yes. No. Maybe So — celebrity gossip bloggers continue to assert that Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame will attend Yale in the fall. The latest news from English tabloid The List is that the self-described “proper, proper nerd” will be heading to Hogwarts, err … Yale, in the fall.

This day in Yale history

1989 Yale physicist Mosche Gai revealed that experiments conducted at the Wright Nuclear Structure Lab have produced results refuting claims that nuclear fusion can be produced at room temperature. Many research labs worldwide had been racing to prove or dispute this claim.

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