Anne Fadiman, Yale’s Francis writer in residence, loves books.

One of her two published essay collections, “Ex Libris” (Latin: from books), includes advice on the handling of books: Read them in bed, write in their margins, and, yes, feel free to let crumbs wander between their pages. On the back cover of “Ex Libris,” Fadiman declares that she “once found herself poring over a 1974 Toyota Corolla manual because it was the only written material in her apartment that she had not read at least twice.”

But, judging by Fadiman’s comments in a New York Times article today, she is not a fan of the Amazon Kindle, which the company calls a “wireless reading device.”

“There’s a little box on Amazon that reads ‘Tell the publisher I’d like to read this book on Kindle,’ ” Fadiman told The Times. “I hope no one tells the publisher.”

(Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)