Where I Went: Yorkside Pizza & Restaurant, 288 York St.

What I Ate: Gyro sandwich

What It Set Me Back: $7.25 plus tax

Everyone knows that Yorkside serves pizza, but those with Flex Points should delve deeper into the multi-page menu of this classic Yale eatery. To spend $150 a semester between two restaurants can be a chore, but the depth of Yorkside’s menu makes this a task much easier to stomach. Subs, pastas, seafood, Greek specialties and burgers are all good options, and a Yalie could in fact spend all his or her Flex Points at Yorkside without even repeating a meal.

Although almost everything at Yorkside is sound, I’ve found their Greek specialties to be the most unique. Foremost among them, in my opinion, is the restaurant’s take on the gyro. Classic Americanized Greek comfort food, gyros are a greasy and savory snack that will always satisfy that late night craving. And Yorkside serves the best gyros that I’ve yet sampled in New Haven. Stuffed to the brim with juicy spiced lamb that’s shaved right off of the spit, Yorkside’s gyro combines soft, warm pita and succulent meat in an ecstasy of flavor. After the somewhat bland food served in the dining halls, your palate will rejoice at this harmony of spice and succulence.

Yorkside is open seven days a week and keeps its spit turning into the wee hours of the morning.