Handsome Dan was spotted at yesterday’s Bulldog Days Bazaar in Payne Whitney Gym, where eager prefrosh had the opportunity to gaze upon Dan while perusing Yale’s numerous clubs and organizations. The giant inflatable bulldog, which usually graces Old Campus during Bulldog Days, was only displayed indoors this year due to the inclement weather.

No, I don’t sing! Prefrosh had a new weapon to protect against the usual barrage of “Do you sing?” inquiries. Preprinted stickers, available at the entrance to the bazaar, informed would-be a cappella assailants that “Yes, I sing!” or “No, I don’t sing!”

Vandals! The Pierson common room was found vandalized yesterday morning. An e-mail message sent to Pierson students described “significant damage to several pieces of expensive furniture.” As a consequence of the vandalism, the Pierson common room will be closed until further notice, according to the e-mail message.

A man was shot just after 5 p.m. last night. The victim allegedly was approached by two people who tried to rob him near the corner of George and Day streets. The victim was brought from 108 Auburn St. to Yale-New Haven Hospital via ambulance. His injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, according to the New Haven Police Department.

Unfortunately for Piersonites, the college’s annual Pierson Day will lack Jell-O wrestling this year. The company that made and stored Pierson’s Jell-O wrestling pit has gone out of business. Pierson Day will be held this Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Pierson courtyard.

But not gone forever. “We hope to be able to acquire another pit during the upcoming school year, so that this illustrious tradition can once again be restored as part of Pierson Day,” explained Pierson Student Activities Committee Co-chair Kelsey Pitcairn ’11.

Dick Morris, President Bill Clinton’s LAW ’73 political strategist, debated in a packed house in SSS last night “Resolved: Save Capitalism from President Obama.” The motion nearly passed, failing by only 9 votes.

This day in Yale history

1980 Around 150 students and professors gathered on Cross Campus sporting rainbow-colored arm bands to protest draft registration. “They told us that another war would never come again,” sang Cliff Cunningham ’82 and Paul Bass ’82, playing the guitar. Bass is currently a Political Science lecturer at Yale.

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